Falconry Birds of prey Experience Days in Wiltshire
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The days can vary due to trying to rotate the birds so that they all get regular exercise and also depending on the time of year. The days will include some or all of the things listed below.
Welcome to site and an introduction to the birds we have at Forest Falconry then on with a glove and into the woods with a Barn Owl or Tawny Owl for some flying to your fist from the silent flyers. You will be shown the correct way to carry the birds for comfort and security. Assist the Falconer with an inexperienced young Falcon teaching it to fly and return when called. Refreshments in the way of Tea and Coffee are supplied, then its into the Forest to see how all the training comes together in the field with a Harris Hawk. The Harris is a super smart Hunter who will follow you in the tree canopy as you walk along the wooded paths, regularly returning to your gloved fist along the way. For those who like the big birds we have the worlds biggest species of Owls, the Siberian and European Eagle Owls. These birds have wingspans of over five feet! yet are still gentle when they swoop from over 40 feet up a tree to land softly on your glove.

Falconry Half Day Adventure (9.45am - 1.00pm) Monday to Saturday.
Falconry Full Day Adventure (9.45am - 4.00pm) Monday to Saturday.

To ensure group sizes remain small, guests are restricted to one
spectator at an additional fee.
PLEASE NOTE; No children under the age of 13 allowed on site and strictly NO DOGS!

On arrival you will be introduced to your Falconer for the day, He/She will introduce you to the flying team which is an assortment of Owls, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles and also teach the basics of handling and caring for these magnificent creatures.

We like to get you into the thick of it as soon as possible so its on with the Falconry Gauntlet and straight into the woodland glade for some hands-on with one of our native species Owls (normally Barn or Tawny). These are ideal to start with, allowing you to grow in confidence before you progress to bigger and faster birds.

At 1.00pm we say farewell to the morning guests and have a break for lunch in our purpose made Lodge, please bring a packed lunch with you (this can be stored in our spacious fridge) but there's no need to worry about drinks as we provide free Tea, Coffee and soft drinks. We normally have a Falcon sitting hooded at our table to further enhance the experience as unique. After your lunch you will train and fly the Jet fighters of the bird world, the Falcons! These include the Peregrine, Lanner, Gyr and Sakers, all capable of speeds in excess of 120 mph! This is the more historic side of Falconry, and the sight of a hooded Falcon on a Gauntlet has been the traditional image of Falconry for centuries. We finish your day with a flight to your fist from one of our Golden Eagles; these are truly the ultimate predators combining Power and strength with Speed and agility.

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